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Friday, January 20, 2012

Love of Reflections, Framed by Pines


You know how I love reflections.



Jasia said...

Pretty reflection, pretty colors!

PalmsRV said...

Very nice framing.

Carol said...

Thanks Jasia, I do love reflections.

Carol said...

Thanks PalmsRV, it was fun taking the photo too!

Barbara Poole said...

Same as the two comments above, and I really like the clear blue water, or was it the reflection of the sky...kind of hard to tell. Either way, it's a nice photo.

Carol said...

Barb, the water is a bit of a canal, or channel of water, I believe the blue is a reflection of the sky. We were walking past another channel the other day, it looked rather black, as if heavily laden with tannic acid (a form of Tannin, I believe), which makes the water almost black. I have NO idea if the water is loaded with tannic, or just looks that way. So, vote for reflection! LOL

Gini said...

Gorgeous, Carol! Perfect shot!