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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Carma's, Spiderwort, Spiderlily, Tradescantia One Way Or Another.


Friend Donna and I chatted about this, she feels this is Spiderwort, although it also be could be Spiderlily (range is slightly questionable for Spiderlily).  I did a brief search, I'll agree with her!  Donna is pretty good at this identification stuff!  Check out these two Wikipedia pages, Tradescantia ohiensis and Tradescantia virginiana.

Some say it is invasive, popping up everywhere, self seeding and spreading.  Sounds like my johnny jump ups at the stickbuilt, they "pop up" all over the yard, even back in the woods now.  Well, since I don't have this lovely in my yard at home, I don't have to concern myself, I just get to enjoy it's beauty!


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