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Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Ever Capture, Orioles

We have lived out here in the countryside since 1995.  I believe we may, note the word, MAY, have seen orioles here once or twice, flitting by, never stopping long enough for us to be sure they were really orioles.  Then, the other day, there they were, sitting and eating from the hummingbird feeders.  Well, I'll be.  Photo taken from at least 20 feet away, I was in the house.  I was afraid to move any closer to the window, I just knew they would fly off.  So, I shot through the window, Sony zoomed to the max.  They only stayed a few moments, and I have not seen them since.  Photo was digitally enhanced.

It was a fun capture moment!



Jasia said...

Great capture! I know those little darlings weren't easy to get a pic of. They are lovely though. Thanks for sharing!

Gini said...

Excellent photo! You did good . . . I have tried to catch several birds in my backyard . . . they are just too fast. Plus, I need a zoom lens, they are usually too far away too. They are pretty ones!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Beautiful birds and beautiful photo. I'm not sure I have ever seen an Oriole.

Barbara Poole said...

Oh I love this photo. And, I've never seen an Oriole either. Great colors.