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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Birds, Err Gulls, of Bodega


Today we drove to Bodega Bay. Bodega Head and a bit on 1 along the Pacific. There were a lot of seagulls, and they seemed to be showing off for Sony Too today.  So, with a bit, well, a lot of zoom, and some good luck (see the dude/ette walking on the hood of the car parked next to us), we did have a bit of a bird, err, gulls sorta day.

Lots o zoom, thanks to Sony Too:

Zoomed to the max, looks like dinner has been found.

Again, much zoom,  these two were screeching at something, non-stop.

Take off with nesting materials in hand, err, beak.

Have car, will walk, less than 5 feet from Sony Too.

I know, these are not those killer birds from the movie that was made near here, but, that is still a lot of critters!


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my Heritage Happens said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures Carol! You always have such wonderful photos! Love them.