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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Seagulls of Bodega Bay California

The Seagulls of Bodega Bay are brought to you by bright sunshine, and my never ending fascination with the zoom on Sony Too.  Can I get this shot???  Is there enough zoom???  Can I hold the camera still (I refuse to carry a tripod, it is that "carrying" thing I object to the most).  Can I find a wall or a fence or something to hold Sony more still???

This seagull was a VERY long way away.  I think he (or she) may have found a nugget to nibble on. I had watched it reach down into that crevasse and pull out that tidbit.

I have NO idea what they were talking about or to whom, but, it sure looks like they were giving something a piece of their mind.  (This is a bit out of focus, but worth sharing, cracked me up!)

This one is definitely mining for nesting materials in that ice plant.

Material secured - - - - take off!

Back at the parking lot, this gull stood right on the hood of the car parked next to us, and proceeded to stare us down!



Jana Last said...

Lovely photos Carol!

Perhaps those seagulls were yelling, "Mine, Mine, Mine!" (Finding Nemo movie reference)

Here's a youtube link to said Finding Nemo seagulls. =)

Michelle Goodrum said...

Ok so either you have amazingly steady hands, or you are an expert at finding as great place to steady the camera. Beautifully entertaining pictures.