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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Baby Cardinals Growing Up

It has been a bit over a week and our baby Cardinals are growing.

First photos of the parents.  Daddy comes bearing worms.  Look hard, you can see food in his beak.  Usually he gives the food to Mrs. Cardinal and she feeds the babies.

But, sometimes he just jumps in there and does the feeding himself.

There are 2 babies.  This one in the foreground is "feathering" out quite well.  Eyes are open.

Spreading it's wings.  Rather surprised me.  You can see that there are not enough feathers to cover the structure of the wing yet.

Eyes open, and the mouth too!

Look close, Mrs. Cardinal and one of the babies in front of her.  That baby has been sitting on the side of the nest most of today.  The other baby is still tucked under her staying warm and dry.

Looks like someone is in a hurry to leave the nest??


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