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Monday, November 28, 2011

Sanderling, a Tentative Identification

Believe this is the sanderling.  I was rather pleased with this photo, these small (about 8 inches tall) beach loving birds are always on the move.  My copy of the National Geographic Society "Field Guide to the Birds of North America" describes the sanderling, as a sandpiper, that "feeds on sandy beaches, sprinting just out of surf's reach to snatch up mollusks and crustaceans exposed by the retreating waves."  I'll say they sprint!  LOL

*This photo was not cropped, it was re-sized, but, not cropped.  Yep, I got rather close, and the Sony's zoom got me closer still.


Jasia said...

Bravo! Great shot!

Linda McCauley said...


Hummer said...

He is so sweet looking. Love it.

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

What a beautiful shot!

Carol said...

Thanks Jasia, Linda, Fran and Lisa.

Southwest Arkie said...

That is a beautiful picture- it does look like you were standing right beside it.