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Friday, November 18, 2011

Two Babies, Llamas or Alpacas, That is the Question

These two baby llama or alcapas live near Shephedsville Kentucky, they were about 4 feet tall from their hoofs to the tops of their heads.

Thanks to friend Ron for asking, which are they??  I believe they are Alpacas, but, even looking at the Wikipedia articles on them both I am confused.

Alcapas, here and Llamas here.

I was leaning towards identifying these little dolls based on face structure and size until I read  this information on the Wikipedia page on llamas.  "The llama and alpaca are only known in the domestic state, and are variable in size and of many colors, being often white, brown, or piebald. Some are grey or black."

Here is another photo, including an adult, the quality is marginal.



Ron and Thelma said...

Carol Ar e those Llama's or Alpaca's They are a smaller version. Are you at Grandmas. We stay there for when the have the rally at Louisville in the summer

Michelle Goodrum said...

Awww. I love baby animals. I wonder what a baby llama or alpaca is called.

Carol said...

Not sure Ron, will see if I can find out. BTW, yes Grammas.

Michele, did not research, too tired from 280 mile day. :-))

Barbara Poole said...

So cute. Not sure if I've ever seen a baby Llama, so I'll enjoy these. Glad you spotted them while riding along...