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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tampa Lowrey Zoo Elephants

Friend Barbara requested elephant photos.  So, I tried.  There are 6 photos here, there are at least that many that are out of focus.  The elephants were somewhere between 500 and 750 feet away, that being the best guestimate of Man's.

Part of the herd, 3 adults and one very small baby.

There are actually two babies in this photo, one to the left, the other hiding behind mom about the middle.

Baby, Sony Too zoomed, danged pole!

One of the adults.

Same baby as above, I can tell by the mud on it's ear.  Having a spot of grass/hay/straw.

There ya go Barbara.  Best I could do.


1 comment:

Barbara Poole said...

Thanks Carol. I'm so glad they are being taken care of and will live out their natural life. What a treat to see the babies. As I mentioned, don't ever worry about the poles, electrical wires or anything else that is in the way...we all deal with them, and ignore them when we enjoy a photo.