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something else that catches my attention and just will not let go.
Maybe even with little verbage, which is pretty hard for this gal.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


From my garden, at it's prime.


IrishEyes said...

Beautiful (I'm going to have to come up with some new adjectives) and sweet. A nice flower to remind us not to forget those we love. Jennifer

Tracy said...

Love that blue color. Forget-me-nots are such sweet little flowers.

lindalee said...

Here is another one that I seem to have trouble growing. Maybe I need to come up to Michigan and get a few buckets full of your soil ;-)

Greta Koehl said...

Love that color. My younger daughter planted the seeds 8-10 years ago and we get them all over now.

Carol said...

Linda, that is sooooo funny, forget-me-nots grow like weeds in my garden. I pull them out by the handfulls. I live on a hill of sand and gravel deposits from a glacier. I cannot feed my garden enough, only thing that does help is mulch. I dump egg shells on some plants, but, mostly for slug control. I used to put coffee grounds down, but, finally found that it was too much work for the benefit. Maybe if I could get the coffee grounds from a Starbucks?? The best thing would have been to have added truck loads of good rich dirt around the house when I first started in 1995. Did not, so now, the plants are kinda on their own. Surprisingly, they make it in spite of all that gravel and sand!

Southwest Arkie said...

Ooh la la! Love the color!