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Friday, June 25, 2010

Isn't it Dinner Time YET???

From left: Chantilly, Captain Hook, Gallagher
They stare ya down till you feed em!


Barbara said...

Is it ever quiet?

Southwest Arkie said...

Awww, how cute!!

Tracy said...

Well at least yours only stare you down. Our miniature schnauzer will whine (literally) and then if that doesn't produce dinner for her, she comes and nudges our feet/legs with her cold wet nose. And boy the minute she hears the food hit the bowl she comes running!

Carol said...

That is so cute Tracy. Course, I am NOT the mom. And, mine are NOT quiet either. Tilly, makes this little growly long running sound. Gallagher on the other hand, barks, shrill and continuous. And, there is no way to describe the decible level when I start to prepare the food. We have tried everything to hush them, and each new trick we pull to quiet them down only lasts for a short time, maybe 3 meals, then, they figure, ok, is that the best the parents have?? No biggie, back to the barking routine, and away we go.