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Thursday, December 23, 2010

There Has to be Flora Somewhere, Skidding Away From Gaudalupe

Taken as we headed away and downhill from Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  Photo was too stunning not to share.  We shall say that the sparse growth of grass along the roadside qualifies as "flora".  Of course, in the desert there is other flora and fauna, well camouflaged.

Note at very top right of photo is El Capitan.  Our RVing friends will also probably quickly pick up on those skid marks near the right hand side of the marked lane.  Man did not leave any, he was, mmmmm, running down that mountain a bit faster than my comfort zone.  Words shared in Big Butt's cab cannot be shared here on Flora and Fauna, lets just say they were spicy (oh, spices, that is flora too, right??  LOL).

* Yep, taken at over 60 MPH, not bad eh??


Coloring Outside the Lines said...

You are getting good at those "out the window" shots! What kind of camera are you using?

Carol said...

Information on the camera can be found at: