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Friday, February 25, 2011

Date Palm


Gini said...

Wow Carol, I have never seen those before. Interesting. Are they eatable?

Carol said...

Gini, I believe they may be, the La Quinta area is the second largest in the country/world for production,

see this post on Reflections:

Gini said...

Heading over to read your write up...I had no idea that was in Palm Springs and we have stayed right where I think you are! We have hung out in Palm Springs so many times...never did I know about these Date Palm trees! Thank you!

Carol said...

Gini, go over to Airport Road also known as 56th, by the Desert Resorts Regional Airport. Thermal is at intersection of 56th and 111, this is west of that, but that entire stretch in there is JAMMED with date palm trees.

This particular specimen I took in LaQuinta tho.