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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mesquite, The Flower, Not the Smoke

Now, I never professed to be a expert at identifying plants or animals that are new to me.  So, imagine my surprise (I hear you laughing heartily, those of you who live in the southwest USA), when when attempting to figure out what what tree these lovely little yellow fuzzballs belong to, that I discovered it was some kind of mesquite.  Yep, our favorite bar-b-que smoking wood, also a delightful spring bloomer.  But be careful, there are thorns there, check out the second photo, left side of photo.

POST SCRIPT, I have since found this page on the whitethorn acacia, and believe I may have identified this plant incorrectly.


Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Well, isn't THAT interesting? I've used Mesquite for forever for grilling and never thought about it having FLOWERS! How pretty too!

Michelle Goodrum said...

GREAT pictures! I never thought to take pictures of mesquite flowers. You make them look really, really pretty.

hummer said...

Oh wow, you did get the prize. It is not my friend after tangling with it in a cemetery. Blooms are really beautiful.

Gini said...

I too never knew mesquite had yellow blooms...see, we learn something new each day this way! Those thorns look nasty! Great photos, Carol...thank you.