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something else that catches my attention and just will not let go.
Maybe even with little verbage, which is pretty hard for this gal.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Live in Yellowstone, And, Yes I Am Yellow




Cheri Hopkins aka You Go Girl #2 & Sweetwater Sherry said...

Beauties again. I just found your flora and fauna area today. I need to do something besides look at photos but just can't resist. LOL, Cheri

Please send me again (when you have free minute) your make and model of camera, I did not get home from Salt Lake with what I wrote down!

Carol said...

Friend and reader Apple posted this AM, for some reason when I approved her comment, it did not post here and does not seem to want to appear here even hours later. It does show on my dashboard as approved, silly internet. So, I will repost her comments and if they ever show up, I will delete this. Love the internet.

Friend Apple, said:

I can't identify it but it certainly is pretty!

Thank you Apple.

Gini said...

Love that yellow, very pretty, Carol.