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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Open Range Country, Got Beef??

Near Monument Valley, Utah.

White at bottom of photo is Big Butt's hood.  You might be able to see that there is fencing to the far right of the photo.  Question, from one who was experiencing open range for the first time, why have a fence at all if you are going to let them roam on the highway?  This was a main road too, heavily traveled.  We traveled this road to move further north into Utah, and we just about nailed some of this burger on the hoof when leaving, with Tana in tow.



Hummer said...

I have had that experience. It could be it is not that ranch's cows. Some like open range but don't like losses to cars. Could be like our cows when we had them jumped the fence for what looked like greener pastures.

Gini said...

Well I am not sure what purpose the fence has either! They are awfully close to the road and if Tana did nail one of those, that would be a horrible mess and I don't think you would be seeing any white (Tana's hood)in your photo! Thank goodness you and the animals are ok! Safe traveling, Carol.

Debbie Blanton McCoy said...

They probably got out of the fence. Happens a lot.