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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Stand, Then I Fly

Man and I took advantage of a warm day to go sit on the beach.  We usually walk, but not this time.  Man proceeded to fall asleep.  From my lawn chair I sat and watched people, tried to take photos of buildings and the beach in the mist.  The longer I sat, the closer the gulls would get.  I snapped a lot of photos, and decided to try and capture "take off".  First, the one legged stand:

Then, take off.  This gull pretty much flew right at me.

I caught this one from the side.  Take off - -

It was rather nice to be able to sit for a long while and be quiet and take photo after photo.  Something I rarely get to do, Carol liked it!



Barbara Poole said...

He's huge! And, I want to see you in a bathing suit, sunning yourself on that beach.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Yeah. Love watching wildlife. Good for you.

Jasia said...

Nice! I like to photograph gulls too. :-)

Gini said...

Wonderful photos, Carol! You really captured some great moments. I bet it was nice being by the water . . . I like to just sit and watch all that is going on too!