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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blue-Eyed Grass, Grass With Something Extra


This first photo was taken in the beautiful garden of an Alabama Master Gardener, Carma.  She graciously allowed us to photograph her garden in late March.  Her entire garden was enchanting.  Below is a large planting of blue-eyed grass planted as edging to one of her many flower beds.  I find that these little babies just tickle my fancy, these small, blue flowers atop the grass like foliage.

Out in the "wild", along some back roads of Baldwin County we found this blue-eyed grass growing.  They did not grow this thick in the wild, where the water was more limited.  Mother Nature showing off her finest, the detail in this small flower is marvelous.  (Can you tell I was taken with blue-eyed grass?)

They are small perennials, only 4-12" tall, with leaves to 1/8" wide. The flower is about 3/4" wide.



PalmsRV said...

What a beautiful find, grass and garden.

Barbara Poole said...

These are just the sweetest looking little flowers. A perfect thing to see on a rainy day.