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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mr. G at Ft. Morgan, A Neutral Day, A VERY Good Thing

As many of my readers know, Mr. G, aka Gallagher, is suffering from pre-heart and pre-renal conditions and has been since November of 2009.  At that time Dr. Lorrie gave him 12 to 18 months.  Mr. G has far surpassed his prognosis for which we are seriously thankful.  He loves his meds (cause they are surrounded by a small hunk of peanut butter) and in fact, if he does not get that PB at 5 and 9 sharp each evening there is HE&# to pay.  He will NOT shush until that PB is served up.

Several of my blogging friends are facing health issues with their fur kids as well.  One of them, in a private email discussion, made a comment that has had me thinking for weeks.  She said, when asked how all were doing, something to the effect that, we know what is coming, we feel that we are in neutral.  How profound is that?

Neutral.  A perfect description of living with a fur kid with a terminal situation.  OK, all of us will pass, the fur kids to the Rainbow Bridge or where ever your personal beliefs say.  Some dread hearing the words from your fur kids vet, I know it was not a stellar day in our lives.

But, if you have ever had the misfortune to come home and unexpectedly find a fur kid gone, with no warning, you too will realize that the neutral time gives you a special time to spend with a fur kid who has been diagnosed terminal.  Time for some extra tail wags, puppy kisses, walks, hugs, quiet time, just together time.

I have come to value our neutral time, more and more each day.  Each day truly is a blessing.

Here is Mr. G on a recent afternoon ride out to Ft. Morgan in the new ride/truck.  His tail almost wagged off at greeting the humans waiting for the ferry to cross to Dauphin Island.  We did not cross, just got out and walked around and visited people.  He loves people.

Sharing some special neutral time:

*  Dedicated to Jennifer and Sarah.



irisheyes jennifer said...


Thank you. We are overwhelmed by your beautiful words, and the reminder of our 'neutral' time.
{{{{Hugs}}}} to you and to Mr. G. in your neutral time.


Jasia said...

Beautiful picture. Beautiful sentiment. Thank you for sharing both.

Greta Koehl said...

Every day you can spend really is a blessing. Our boys (cats) are 14.5 years, one on thyroid meds, the other starting to show some (admittedly minor now) symptoms of renal decline. So they get lots of extra everything - love, lap time, the whole deal.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Neutral time should never be underestimated. Take it from someone who knows...

Give Mr. G some nice belly rubs from me.