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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Joshua Tree - - Buds To Blooms

Crossing two states and two weeks (give or take), I have been drooling a bit, the Joshua Trees have been in bloom, buds to blooms.  I have been frustrated because for many many miles there was no way for Man to pull Jolly and Tana over for me to get a photo.  I moaned, and I groaned and we kept on driving.  He was right, there was no safe place to pull over.  But, I sure don't like missed opportunities.  So, I watched carefully and one day while on a day trip (sans Tana) I saw a rest stop with Joshua Trees growing there.

I noted the same and on the way home that afternoon I had Man pull off, I got out and tromped around and finally found "buds".

I was satisfied, sorta.  At least I had photos of a "bud".

Alas, a week or so later, while running, I spied more Joshua Trees, and these obviously had full blooms.  Yes, I still wanted more photos, I mean, really, full blooms??  YEA, I wanted photos, and yes, we were towing.

To the rescue, another rest area.  OK, I needed to rest, the fur kids needed to rest, but, I really wanted to see if there was a Joshua Tree planted in the rest area, seeing that there were hundreds in the acres of vacant land we were driving by.  And, oh, yes, there was a Joshua Tree, a large beautiful speciman:

Covered with blooms (which by the way, probably were 10 or more inches in length, they were nice and big!  WOOT!

And, I took LOTS of photos!

Zoom, closer and closer:


Hope you enjoyed.  I know I did!


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Jasia said...

Absolutely beautiful! Do they have a pleasant scent about them?