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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle

Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium.

What a graceful beautiful creature.  I wish you could have seen it swimming around the aquarium.  For all it's size, it was magnificent.

Now look close, his right flipper is non-existent.  It was injured in the wild, rescued by Sea Turtle, Inc., a non-profit organization.  It has been determined this individual cannot be released and so will live out it's days at the Aquarium.

And, to think, it was that graceful with a damaged wing, err, flipper.  I did not even notice the damaged flipper till I turned and saw the signage explaining it.

* If this Sea Turtle, Inc. is the same one as this one, we have visited this fascinating facility.



Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

We stayed on an island down south of here and lucked out when we visited the beach one night and got to see a mother turtle lay eggs and cover her nest. Another time we were there when conservation people dug up a nest where the babies should have already come out, but hadn't yet, and there they were, hatching before our eyes. Very cool. The people who owned the beach house where we stayed were upset when we told them because in all the years they'd lived there they'd not gotten to see either event!

Kathy Reed said...

What a beautiful animal (sea turtle). I love this picture.

Carol said...

Turtles are amazing. Thank you both for reading and commenting.