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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Chickens of Haynes Arizona, Gold Ghost Town

In April, while staying in Camp Verde Arizona, Man and I made several trips to Jerome Arizona, and one of those trips included a few hours stop in Haynes, Arizona, a gold mine ghost town.  It is now a eclectic junk yard man's heaven.  Man was in heaven!  Even tho I did find a number of interesting objects to photograph, I was rather bored by the whole thing, except for the critters around town, a burrow and a goat or two and a mess of chickens.  I'll bring you the burrow and goat another day, but, here are the chickens:

And, if you think  it was easy getting this many photos of chickens, think again, they move fast and continuously!  Geesh!


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Cheri Hopkins aka You Go Girl #2 & Sweetwater Sherry said...

I'm a chicken lover, of pics, porcelains and everything so these were great. I stole a bunch of your photos for new desktop backgrounds. Will think of you every time I see one! YGGG #2