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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Oak Tree, Coming Into It's Own

We have this oak tree growing down by our pond.  It is not large by "oak tree" standards, they being slow growers.  In years past it has been quietly existing, not showing off much during the fall color change.  In fact, it basically has always been a non color participant.  Leaves just sorta turned brown, dropped off, and the oak waited for spring.  It was almost as if Mr. Oak (or is that Mrs. or Ms. Oak?) was saying, "OK, cannot compete with those maples, let's just change clothes and get to nap time."

UNTIL, this year.  This year our maples were disappointing.  Some color, but the leaves fell quickly and they were dried up and shriveled before they hit the ground.  Man had to wear a dust mask while mulching them.

Mr./Mrs./Ms. Oak must have been waiting for this opportunity, because, - - -

Well, here, let's just show you:

Almost as if it were saying, here I am, standing alone, in all my glory!
See, I am beautiful! 

1 comment:

lindalee said...

My oaks and maples are the last to fall....meaning that I am out raking....sometimes in the snow!!! I wish they would fall