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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Please Name My Mystery Leaf, Lincoln Memorial Garden, Springfield, Illinois

You can see that this is one BIG leaf, compare to Man's hand.  Anyone know what kind of tree this comes from??  If so, post in the comments.  Thanks.


Myrna said...

It looks like a maple leaf. They grow that big out west..

Apple said...

American Sycamore?

"Leaves: Alternate, palmately nerved, broadly-ovate or orbicular, four to nine inches long, truncate or cordate or wedge-shaped at base, decurrent on the petiole. Three to five-lobed by broad shallow sinuses rounded in the bottom; lobes acuminate, toothed, or entire, or undulate. They come out of the bud plicate, pale green coated with pale tomentum; when full grown are bright yellow green above, paler beneath. In autumn they turn brown and wither before falling. Petioles long, abruptly enlarged at base and inclosing the buds. Stipules with spreading, toothed borders, conspicuous on young shoots, caducous."

Carol said...

Friend Jan and hubby Paul have today identified this as a Sycamore as well. Thanks you two!