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Friday, April 15, 2011

Maiden Hair Fern


And, close up.

These photos were taken April 8, 2011 at the Montezuma Well near Camp Verde Arizona.  They grow in only one small spot at this site.  Prehistoric farmers dug a mile long irrigation canal that is about 3 feet deep that runs from the well to farm land they used.  The water coming through this canal is a constant 75 degrees, and that part of why the ferns grow here.

Here is the irrigation canal, the ferns, and walls of rock.

The photos don't do the scene justice, it was quiet, beautiful, almost spiritual.

Montezuma Well is in a desert area, amazing what a little warm water and some shade will grow.


Barbara Poole said...

You Must have been thrilled to see this. Lovely.

Gini said...

Carol...maiden hair ferns are one of my favorites...these are just beautiful. Would love to be sitting there now! Pretty place to be.

Becky said...

Love the close-up shot with the play of light and dark on the green leaves. Quite lovely.

hummer said...

Beautiful and so jealous. I wish my Maiden Hair Fern would have grown so well. Ah humidity and convection heat.
I agree with everyone looks like a place to sit and meditate.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Just looking at that, I never would have figured it for a fern. It's very pretty and looks to be a beautiful spot.

We went looking for Montezuma's well years ago but must have taken a wrong turn as we never found it. Onto the Bucket List it goes!