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Monday, August 30, 2010

Candy, Coffee and Checkers, Sauders of Grabill Indiana

Ok, technically, these photos are not of flora or fauna, but, they have candy, some of which may have had bees involved in the basic manufacture, bees fall into fauna, so, stretch a L-O-T and we have our connections.  Stretch a whole L-O-T!  LOL

Very near Fort Wayne Indiana there is a little town called Grabill.  Much to our delight, it is about 10 miles from the campground we stay in here, and seems to be the center of an Amish community.  Who knew??  We have been coming here for years and I did not know.

So, Saturday, we drove over, had lunch, and a lookie see.  One place we wandered into was H. Sauder & Sons, General Merchandisers.  Sauder is one of my family names, so you know I was not gonna miss this.  Sometime I will try to do some research to determine if these Souders and mine from the Rockingham County Virginia area are related, in the meantime, our photos for today:


And, coffee, that is Flora, right??  Have a cup along with your game of checkers.

Tomorrow, we will return to our regularly scheduled flora and fauna posts, hope you enjoyed today's little side jaunt.  Man and I did, we were charmed by the candy, coffee and checkers of Grabill Indiana.


Barbara said...

Great shots.

hummer said...

Well, bee's make honey and honey is used to make some candies...; ) I want to go here. Neat looking place.