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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pinks for Wordless Wednesday

Linda from Flipside and I have an ongoing fun competition where she posts on Wordless Wednesday and I try to find a like photo.  Linda has been pretty busy lately with family, work, and such and readily admits her blog has taken back seat. 

Yesterday over on Facebook, Barbara, from Life From the Roots volunteered to join the fray, err, fun and do a post that I could try to duplicate.  Well, imagine Barbara's surprise to see my post of fuchsia yesterday.  Why surprised, ???  Well, go have a look.  Her photos are totally awesome!  *2016 update, Barbara has removed this post.

Linda did post a flower photo today for her entry  Wordless Wednesday, a Gaura. Pretty in pink.

So, I decided that pretty pink flowers would be my response today. I have done my fuchsia and I am not aware that I have a gaura.  From Reflection's archives, taken at Wildseed Farms, Fredericksburg Texas a few years ago. 

Hope you enjoyed our day in the pink.  Thanks Linda and Barbara for the great photos and the challenges!


lindalee said...

PINK--PINK--PINK !!! You know I love it....why I even have a PINK kayak...LOL

Reflections is simply resplendent in pink today...Thanks Carol

Barbara Poole said...

Oh, another pink lover, ya. Carol, just lovely and scroll down your page to see your great photos. Is the little guy still praying? Are you and Linda getting your pictures from the same stock as me? (kidding, of course)

Carol said...

The praying dude crawled off the screen early that morning, last seen rounding the corner! LOL

We do have some nice flower photos between the 3 of us, Greta tosses in a nice one now and then, and several other bloggers do as well. All the Wild Ones have great flower gardens too!

Hmmmm, flowers and genealogy, hmmm. Great combo! LOL