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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Here's Looking at You, Babe

Praying mantis, this particular individual was found hanging out on the screen to the half bath window.  Let me tell you at 6:45 AM, when I walked in there, eyes still glued shut with sleep, well, can we say, that was some wake up call??  Eyes popped right open, brain function jump started and I grabbed the camera.  I took a number of shots from INSIDE the house.

Knowing that the screen was interfering, I went out side and took several more photos.  At some point, I decided to try flash (it was early and gray).  And, I guess the flash attracted his attention, because that creature actually turned at looked right at me (top photo).  Kinda bizarre when I loaded the photos onto the computer.

A great page on praying mantis was found via a quick google.

* Man actually was able to measure this beast, and tells me it was 3.5 inches long and the spread of the legs was 3 inches.

1 comment:

Barbara Poole said...

That is one buggie thing that I don't mind touching. Hope it didn't get caught in the mesh. Good shot.