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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great Horned Owl

Man and I visited the Casa Grande National Monument, Prehistoric Ruins near Coolidge Arizona.  This great horned owl was sitting under the cover for the Great House, the tour guide told us a couple of nesting owls have been residents for some time now.  The volunteers recently constructed a platform for the nest, guess the eggs were rolling off.  This may be the male.  Photos taken with 20 zoom, the ruins are 4 stories high, so, guessing he is sitting about 50 feet up, maybe more.  Photos have been edited, sharpened for sure, hard to hand hold and get anything at that distance with 20 zoom.

This photo is NOT color corrected, only sharpened a little.
You can see all the roof structure and supports.
This photo was "auto corrected".  The process took out most of the
sandy color, sharpening the photo made him a bit more clear.
Auto correct took color out of this photo as well.
Looks like he was going to try to catch some shut-eye.
They are nocturnal.  We can only imagine having a tour of
your home would be rather annoying during your sleeping hours!
Note, tail feathers.
Yes, out of focus, even after sharpening the photo.
OK, I love this photo!

I could not resist blowing up that last photo to see him closer,
yes, sharpened, several times.  Gotta love photo editing programs!


Grandma MG said...

The last picture(s) look like he/she is either bored and getting sleepy or is in a trance!!! Enjoying these pictures! Thank you.

lindalee said...

How special you were able to catch this owl. Those eyes are so piercing. Kayaking time is coming.....I hope to get some more flora and fauna pix, too.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Way awesome. I love his big round eyes.

Barbara Poole said...

Loved your owl series, and those big eyes looking at you too.

Nolichucky Roots said...

Officially in awe. This guy's fabulous.