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Monday, March 21, 2011

When Mom's Away, We Cannot Play, Oh, Rats!!

Top photo, the "Boys".  Left:  Captain Hook, aka, Cappy, aka, CH.  Right:  Gallagher, aka, Mr. G.

Bottom photo, the one who considers herself queen, Chantilly, aka, Tilly.

Before you think I am mean by crating the kids, please know that this is to protect the yorks from themselves.  Yorkies have been known to get themselves into some pretty nasty fixes, such as accessing the stove while the parents are gone and eating all the food on the stove (true story).   So, this is where they spend their travel days, and time while Mom and Man are out sightseeing or running errands.

Safe and Sound.

*No, it was not my yorkies that ate all the food on the stove. Did have 2 little boys that tried to eat the Venetian blinds in a past RV tho.  Ya, they did!  Sigh.

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Barbara Poole said...

Oh the kids, love these photos. Bark, bark. Ruff, Ruff.