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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tough Housing Market, Gotta Build Somewhere


Above:  Look close, there is a nest in that Chainfruit Cholla.  That has to be one brave bird.

Above:  This bird obviously has no need for privacy or a cool spot for it's nest, just built it out in the open on an "arm" of this Chainfruit Cholla.  One thing for sure, not much of a chance of getting poked by the cholla.  Maybe it won't need to sit on the nest either to hatch those eggs, just let the abundant hot sunshine hatch 'em.

Above:  This bird has to be the worst nest builder I have ever seen.

Above:  See, it is even worse than you thought when you get a closer look at this nest.  Calls going out for a LOT of adobe and assistance, this bird obviously needs both!

Above:  Now, I am fully aware that most of this photo is horribly out of focus.  Man took this one for me because I was not tall enough to get it.  He was not getting any closer to that cholla, and in fact, did not think he had managed to get any shot at all.  But, there in the top right corner, are 3 bird eggs in a nest in a Chainfruit cholla, found on a hike up Silly Mountain near Apache Junction Arizona.  I don't blame Man for staying away from the cholla, those barbs are way beyond nasty!  But, there is proof, that some birds will build a nest next to those nasty barbs, AND they also manage to fill those nests!

We stand duly impressed!


Greta Koehl said...

They must like this for the reasons that the sparrows love our bush rose - no predator is going to dive in there after them!

Gini said...

That looks like it could be very painful if anyone or thing tried to get to that bird! Great photos, Carol.