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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peaking Through The Rubber Rabitbrush


Otherwise known as the chrysothamnus nauseosus, this photo was taken on our ride into Canyonlands National Park, Needles District.  I was drawn to the dried winter versions of plants in the desert, trying time and time again to get a photo that showed what I felt was beauty, dried, but beauty.

I decided I liked this photo, that it had promise, loaded it into the photo editor, started cropping, re-sizing, a little contrast and brightness, when I discovered a little surprise, a critter in the top right of the photo.  Gotta say, it is a VERY good thing I did not see it while I was taking the photo, as I am NO fan of  bugs, especially those that look like they might jump or fly at me in a heartbeat, they tend to make my heart beat stop!


1 comment:

Gini said...

These are beautiful, Carol, even dried. Looks like this plant was that critters dinner, but, I am with you, I would have backed off had I seen that guy! Beautiful photo, Carol!