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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stellar's Jay, Bryce Canyon, Utah

I spied the stellar's jay in Bryce Canyon, and thought he was a pretty creature.  Then, I tried to take a photo!  Well, goodness, he is pretty and he is a fast moving flighty fella too!  No slowing down this bird, no sirree.  I had tried to get photos several times, and failed miserably.  One afternoon while we were at camp, Man spied one and I convinced him to see if he could capture our flighty little dude via the Sony.  After some time Man returned to Tana and exclaimed in several expressive ways how hard it was to get a photo of the Stellar.  Actually, once we put the photos on the computer I found a few that are not too bad, when you consider the speed in which this guy moves around!  LOL

Below:  Stellar sitting on Tana's kitchen slide awning.

Below:  Almost as if he is asking, "You looking at me??"



Jasia said...

I know what an accomplishment it was to get these pics. I often try to take bird pics but you rarely see them on my blog. That's because I never get any good ones! Well, except for ducks, gulls, and geese. Kudos to you, Carol, these are really great pics.

Hummer said...

Wonderful... Question did you put some tranquilizer in some seed to feed him first? You have heard my stories of the ones who got away.

:) Fran