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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

AaaaChooo in Blue

Today is Wordless Wednesday for many bloggers.  Linda, Flipside, posted some aaaachooo, golden rod, photos.  Hers were taken from her pink yak with her waterproof camera, which she claims is not quality, but, love the photos Linda, me thinks it is plenty of aaaachooo quality.

So, happens, that I had also taken a number of photos of golden rod this week,  it is abundant, poor allergy sufferers.  SIGHH.  Course, even weeds and nasty allergy producers have a inherent beauty, and I go looking for that, sometimes I find it, sometimes not!

So, I downloaded photos a bit ago, picked a photo I liked, loaded to the photo editing program to crop and edit.  I hit autocorrect, and lookie what I got.  Had to share!

I love photo editing/cropping, but, sometimes that program has a mind of it's own.  Calling out it's own creative license?  LOL

Here is the photo I was looking for


lindalee said...

Simply a golden opportunity to take a photo. Nice cropping job Carol.....they are beautiful to me....I'm not an allergy suffer-er ;-)

IrishEyes said...

Gorgeous! Mother Nature is a mad scientist making some of us (not me, thank goodness) sneeze with such beauty. Jenn

Barbara Poole said...

Simple, but beautiful.