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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Signs of Fall, Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo

Tis Wednesday, tis time to see what Linda at Flipside as to offer for her Wordless Wednesday challenge.  Very, very nice Linda, I am guessing taken from the yak??   Well, there are no leaves floating in Reflection's pond yet, there is lots of algae, but, I have not found the urge to go see if I can get an interesting photo of that (and truthfully, don't have much interest in doing so - - - yet).

However, while at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, I did spot this small bush/tree with these lovely seed pods starting to turn a redish color, a sign of fall.

Since I have no idea what this interesting plant is, I am hoping one of my readers might be able to educate me. 

1 comment:

Barbara Poole said...

Interesting plant, and I love the color. Bet Frances knows the answer!