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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo, North American River Otter

Man and I arrived at this exhibit just as these two were getting a "once a month" treat.  They get other treats and foods daily, but this fish stuffed melon, is given only once a month.  In all shots, it is the male holding the melon.

Above, you can see the fish stuffed in the melon.  I missed the shot of him eating a fish after he dug it out of the melon.  According to the staff, the female ate the melon, but not the fish.


Barbara Poole said...

You were lucky to get these shots, since it happens monthly. Must have been cute watching the male with the large melon.

IrishEyes said...

Oh my goodness, so sweet. It's funny when you see wild animals in such a setting; I find myself forgetting they are wild. Great Photos!!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Great photos of a relatively "rare" event! They look so cute and playful.

I know better however, as we have had terrible problems with them burrowing under the family cabin, tearing things up and stinking up the place. My solution was peaceful though - we ran an electric fence around the perimiter. Problem solved! Now we enjoy them again.