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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some Foam, A Bit of A Do-Over, My Best Response Today

Linda, from Flipside, has today on her Wordless Wednesday, a nice collection of photos of Foam on the Water.  Hard one to try to match there Linda!  Whew.  You have the benefit of taking those FROM the yak, right??

Because Man and I are going to start the hurry up and pack up and run back to the stick, in an attempt to get Tana down the dirt roads before the rain, I am answering Linda with a bit of a do-over, as I used one similar to this on August 8th, so, here it is from a different view.  Not near as much foam as Linda's photos either.

I like Linda's better!  Go have a lookie see, I think you will too!

Later this week, I will start a series of photos from - - - well, stay tuned, lots of fauna coming your way.

Now, it is time to roll Tana homeward.

1 comment:

lindalee said...

Nope.....I like yours better. Can't wait to see what you have planned for this week.