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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo, Sumatran Orangutan

We saw two orangutans in this enclosure. The enclosure was a glass type, so reflections and glare presented serious problems photographing them.  I probably took close to 20 shots, and most were deleted. 

This one sat, holding on to a grip above, looking in
the opening (to dinner?).  Best photo I could get.

This one played peek-a-boo with it's blanket,
never really coming out from under it. 


redapes said...

Orangutans are critically endangered in the wild because of rapid deforestation and the expansion of palm oil plantations.

If nothing is done to protect them, these majestic creatures could be extinct in the wild in just a few years.

Visit the Orangutan Outreach website to learn how YOU can make a difference!
Reach out and save the orangutans!
Adopt an orangutan today!

Carol said...

Thank you so much for your comment and information and links. Good luck in your venture.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Ooh, he's so cute peaking out from under that blankie. Nice shot! We used to take the kids to the zoo often when they were little (we had a membership). I miss those days. It really is fun to watch the animals and I mean really watch them (at least until the kids got bored LOL).