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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo, Eastern Grey Kangaroo

The informational signage at the zoo tells us this about the eastern grey kangaroo:
  • They can grow to 6 foot, they are one of the largest kangaroos.
  • They live in dry forest areas of eastern Australia.
  • They live in "mobs" of 20 or more individuals.
Well, let me tell you, they can tell you they are large, but until you see them, words are only words. Sadly, photos don't allow for total appreciation either, but, look at those tails!  I'll bet they were close to 6 inches in diameter, and VERY LONG!  Had to be very strong too.

I found references on the net that the tail was about 4 foot long, the animal was could weigh as much as 145 pounds and they can jump up to 30 feet at one time.  Can we say, W-O-W??


IrishEyes said...

WOW! They are such unusual creatures, like two beings in one. With their tiny front legs and their beautiful faces they look sort of dog-like , but those back feet, tails and claws look like they could beat anything to a pulp. I've never seen them up close before. Thanks Carol for sharing these extraordinary photos!

hummer said...

I have not been by for a couple of days and oh my what a zoo you have been posting. All of the pictures are beautiful You do a great job! Love the Kangaroo's, would love to see a Joey in the pouch.
Thanks for sharing.