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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Box Elders, Asian Lady Beetles, Both Are Blah Blech & Ick

We all love fall, but, on those really warm fall days, we DO NOT love the visitors that swarm out of somewhere and end up on the sides of our homes, like a moving and sometimes, biting carpet.  EWWW.

There were hundreds of both, and I had to try the macro on them.  OK, they are even more ugly blown up on my computer screen.  EWWW.

But, I had to try! I really am fascinated by the close up, they look so different.

The Box Elder Bug's real name is Boisea trivittata, and the Asian Lady Beetle's real name is Harmonia axyridis.  Somehow, that does not make them any more appealing.  EWWW

1 comment:

Greta Koehl said...

Hate the box elder bugs, love the lady bugs. But you are right, they are both pretty fascinating close up.