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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo, Capuchin Monkey Shenanigans

Who is looking at whom?? 
Me at the monkey or the monkey at me??

Is that an overbite or a snarl??

No, he/she is not playing tennis,

he/she would dump that ball in the water, I think he/she was filling it:

Twas a hot day and this guy/gal knew just what to do:

It is a bit hard to envision with just a photo, but, after watching this action for a few moments, I would have sworn he/she was washing his/her hands, moving the water from the left to the right, time and time again.

Finally tired out from all the shenanigans, decided to just flop on a rock and have a rest.  But, not for long, seems they cannot sit still for long, moments later, he/she was up and moving again.

*An interesting thing happened while I was working on this post.  I upload my photos to the Picasa storage area manually, as I want to control the place photos are stored and the size of the albums.  As I was obtaining the URL for each photo I noted that Picasa wanted to know if I wanted to name this monkey (you know, the face recogition stuff ).  My guess is that the face is close enough to a human face that Picasa thinks the monkey should have a name.  I cannot remember Picasa doing this before on any of the other animal photos I have uploaded.  Hmmmmmm!!??


Barbara said...

First, I think it was angry, then got over it and decided to entertain you. Gosh, I hope through face recognition, she/he doesn't look like me. But, no, I look like a flower now! I really enjoyed your series. Great zoo for children of all ages.

Michelle Goodrum said...

I really enjoyed this series of monkey pictures. Very entertaining.