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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Butterfly House, Up Close And Personal

In mid September, Man, Son # 1, Wife of Son # 1, Twins L & M, and yours truly went to a local celebration.  They had tent full of butterflies, most, I believe were monarchs.  You could go in and observe close and personal and even try to "catch" one on a q-tip dipped in Gaterade (you know the disclaimer routine, name copyrighted by the company, etc. etc., etc.)

The girls went right in, I held back for a moment or two, but in the quest for photos, in I went.  Only downer, I could not stop taking photos, see:


hummer said...

OOOOOO. We nursed a monarch out at the farm. They are so beautiful!

Michelle Goodrum said...

How fun! I have never heard of using a Q-tip dipped in Gatorade to catch a butterfly. Try saying that five times fast "Q-tip dipped in Gatorade..."

Barbara Poole said...

Wow. This was a special series, and thanks.