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Friday, October 15, 2010

Fort Wayne's Children's Zoo, Giraffes

At the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo the viewing area for the giraffes is a tall deck affair, high enough for the humans and the giraffes to get eye to eye.  No fences between the camera and the subject!

Got food??

Believe this was a youngster.

Feeding lettuce, ya, that is one long tongue!  LOL

Adult males have all these "bumps" on their heads.


IrishEyes said...

Such beautiful beings, such great photos. I love the eyes of the giraffe with the long lashes, and that body 'paint' is amazing. We humans just look so plain and boring next to them. Cheers! Jennifer

Barbara Poole said...

I've never been to a giraffe that close, and what a neat idea to make a stand for people. Wonderful pictures of one of my favorite animals.