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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Carol's Folly, The Bridge

When we first moved to the "country", we knew had a pond, errrrr a hole in the ground.  Later that year, I discovered, the "swamp".  Between the swamp and the pond runs a divit, a ditch, a low spot.  The first several years that divit was wet, mucky.  Hindered us from accessing the back of the property from the east side. I wanted a bridge.  Nothing expensive, just a way to get over the muck.

After several years of, mmmmm, well, whining, Man said, "we are gonna build a bridge".  As home improvements tend to do, it went from in my mind a few simple pieces of lumber to, a master piece of manly design.  It also went from "we are going" to build it, to call in the pro!

A huge hunk of $$ later, and we have this lovely bridge down in the woods. The next 5 years or more we had a drought, and there was NEVER any water under the bridge.  Wasn't mucky either.  Figures, eh??  LOL

And, therefore the name, Carol's Folly.  A bridge over dry land.


lindalee said...

You have one BEAUTIFUL piece of property and I love the bridge even if it goes over dry land.

Greta Koehl said...

Well, I like it and I want one! (Don't have anything to put it over, either.)