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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Silliness, the Heat Got to Me?

A while back, a long while back, someone sent me this cute photo of a dog sitting inside this RV.  The RV looks like what is sometimes called the Silver Bullet, or the Sewer Trap (where do these names come from?? LOL)

Note the dog food bowls on the front of the rig, instead of propane bottles, whoever did this graphic was very creative and either very good with photo editing or very good with miniature making.

The dog was NOT a Yorkie, so, of course, I decided it should be a Yorkie.  I however, am no where near as talented as the person who did the original graphic, but, I did muddle through and manage to get my Captain Hook inside the Silver Bullet. 

OK, now, I did it, whew, not so good, tomorrow, back to some of MY photos. 

Sometimes I wonder, what possessed me??  Heat, contributory.  Madness, obviously!  LOL

*Source of original graphic, UNKNOWN.