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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Draggin' From the Inside, Out

Linda's post for Wordless Wednesday at Flipside, Wordless Wednesday--Pink and BLUE is outstanding, great, fabulous, amazing!  Did I say outstanding??  As some of our readers know Linda posts a photo on Wednesday, and I try to duplicate it from my archives.

I do have a photo of the same subject, taken last summer and posted on Reflections From the Fence, so, this is repeat appearance.  This dragon fly landed on one of the screens upstairs windows.  Man told me I could not get a photo. The challenge was stated.  And, so:

Draggin' From the Inside, Out:

Linda's photo tho, wins this week's Wordless Wednesday competition.  Hands, errr, wings down!


Barbara Poole said...

Very good Carol. I didn't see it last year, so it is new to me.

Michelle Goodrum said...

I love being able to see the wings and all the detail.

lindalee said...

I don't even now if mine IS a dragonfly....I REALLY need to check that out....maybe it is some weird flying insect only found in the dark lagoon on the Michael J. Kirwan Reservoir..... Thanks for all your kind kudos Carol.