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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daisy Fleabane

According to the Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide, the Daisy Fleabane is:
"A summer annual or sometimes biennial reaching 1 to 2 ft in height with prominent white and yellow flowers. Primarily a weed of abandoned fields or pastures, but occasionally associated with agronomic crops. Found throughout the southeastern United States."

I was feeling pretty positive about my identication of this Southeastern Michigan weed, till I read that "southeastern United States" statement.

But upon a little more snooping/surfing I found Prairie Wildflowers of Illinois, who tell us:
Range & Habitat: Daisy Fleabane is fairly common and has been reported from almost all counties of Illinois ...

So, if it grows in Illinois, it grows in Southeastern Michigan, the Daisy Fleaborn.  A weed that makes me smile.


IrishEyes said...

So simple, and yet so beautiful and smile worthy. Cheers! Jennifer

Barbara Poole said...

No ants!