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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Monarch NOPE it is a Red Admiral

This Monarch  Red Admiral had landed on my new cone flower for breakfast, I ran for the camera, when I came back he flew off before I could get the photo.  Then I saw him land on the petal from my clematis about 12 feet away.  I zoomed, I shot, and even tho it is not the best photo, it was still fun to try.

* Wed, July 14 6 PM Correction:  Thanks to MOC friend Chris for correcting me on the name of this butterfly.  He knows, now, I do too!  WAHHOOOO


Barbara Poole said...

It is a lovely shot and the two colors are great. I don't think I've even seen a butterfly this year, so I'll share yours.

Linda McCauley said...

Great picture (as always). I was recently at Callaway Gardens in GA and had visions of pictures like this when I entered the Butterfly Center. Chasing butterflies around in a sauna looking for that perfect shot didn't work out very well for me.

Greta Koehl said...

The purple and orange, with the black for definition, are just stunning. I think your "not the best" photos are way better than my best ones.

Carol said...

Didn't I just get totally LUCKY with that purple? And, soooo lucky to get those wings spread apart that way. Believe me, it is a LOT of luck. LOTS!! It is the challenge, the fun of trying, with the hope that the Luck Fairy will bless me. Some days she does.

lindalee said...

Oh WW for tomorrow is a butterfly on what I think is a coneflower. You beat me this week.....LOL