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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mr. Squirrel and the Mulberry Bush

We have growing in our yard what we have been told is a mulberry bush/tree.  The critters love it!  I don't mind it, it is a slow grower, rarely drops any limbs.  It does have one bad point, those berries when really ripe, turn a dark dark red/purple.  The birds doo doo them all over and we have purple splats, you know what I mean.  They also really can stain your clothing if you happen to have one drop between you and the mower seat while mowing and squish it.  Wonder if our ancestors ever used mulberry for a natural die for fabric??

We actually have tagged the mulberry with the nickname, 'The Bird Tree'.  During winters we have had to stay here, we hang bird feeders from the lower limbs, believe we had 3 or 4 feeders one year, and of course, a couple of suet feeders.  Those feeders drew in birds, lots of birds, cardinals, finches of all colors, doves, and at least 3 different kinds of woodpeckers.  It was not uncommon to see 40 or more birds on or under the tree at one time.

Right now, the mulberries are starting to ripen, and the local squirrel population is feasting.  Mr. Squirrel (nope, I have NO idea if HE is a SHE, let's just go with Mr. for this post) climbed to the very top of the tree, to the very ends of the limbs.  With the Sony zoomed to the max, we can see that Mr. Squirrel is enjoying his feast at the mulberry.

Assume whatever position you must to get the berry, even upside down!