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Monday, September 12, 2011

Cut Throat Trout

Cut throat trout in Yellowstone National Park.   There is a Wikipedia page on cut throat, interesting, but, please use your judgement on the quality of the data there. There is another page of data on the cut throat here, again, I find em, you judge em.  A brief page is here, and appears to be recognized by the National Park Service, and others.

The cut throat were running a bit while we were at Yellowstone - - the end of June.  Other visitors told us we were just witnessing the tip of the iceberg, or the beginning of the run, as it were.

We were somewhere between Fishing Bridge and Canyon Village when we stopped to see what there was to see.  I believe it was probably close to the LeHardy's Rapids.

Below:  People were gathered around the water, watching carefully.

Below:  Fins of two cut throats in the water below this rapid.  There were a lot of fish down there, if you look carefully, you can see just the outline of another fin, left of these two.

So, of course we are watching them try to jump to the next level of water, right at the edge of that platform you see in the first photo.  Below:  photo in original size, no cropping.  I was lucky enough to catch a cut throat at the top of the jump.  Nope, he did not make it, that try.

Below, courtesy of cropping, here is a closer view of the same fish, same photo:

Not the bestest photo in the world, but, I had so much fun taking it and catching (bad pun there) the trout like I did, well, I nearly fell down the stairs.  Seriously!  LOL  I know several other photographers were trying to catch a photo as well and to my knowledge only one other guy did so.

That my dear friends is PURE luck.  I tried a few more times and never got another photo!  LOL


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Barbara Poole said...

Your "not the bestest photo" was just fine. Bet it was fun watching the fish.